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The urban campus is a type that defies categorization as no two campuses are alike even in the same city.  School mission, city government, neighborhood, and student population all contribute to the character of the urban campus.  We will endeavor here to explore a variety of urban campuses through narrative, mapping, and categorization.  It is a work in progress and will reflect the research interests of individuals and classes.

This project, largely started with my doctoral reasearch, endeavors to share the tranformation of the neighborhoods around urban campuses and their built identities in the form of a visual narrative. 

The project is currently being used as a prototype to develop a workflow for creating similar projects in for courses in the timeframe of a semester.  its current state will not be its final iteration as it is presenting examples as well as project information.  it is a work in progress. 

About Me - Jeannine Keefer, PhD

I currently serve as the Visual Resources Librarian in Boatwright Library at the University of Richmond.  I am also an architectural historian researching the role of design decisions made by urban campuses to define their identities and the impact those deciisions have on the surrounding community.