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Temple University Buildings


Temple University Buildings


This is a collection of the structures imagined for or built on the Temple University main campus. Of particular interest in this collection are those structures designed by the firm of Nolen & Swinburne in the post-war period until 1972.


Jeannine Keefer
For a narrative history of Temple's expansion see: Chapter 3 of the dissertation.

Items in the Temple University Buildings Collection

First purpose-built women's dormitory on the Temple Campus. Located at the northeast corner of North Broad Street and Norris Street. Opened in 1957.

This series of 1900s Row Houses was re-developed in 2002 to include retail space, the University Inn and University offices.

Former site of a Public Market, Garage, and the Globe Hotel (ca 1917). By 1958 Public Market turned into Auto Truck Sales & Service and hotel torn down with houses remaining north of Euclid. By 1967 Temple University was using the facility and…