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Temple - Neighborhood Resisatance

Preliminary Site Plan for Temple University in 1985

"1984 Expansion"

Temple Free Press, March 17, 1969, Page 3

"North Philadelphia Does Not Belong to Temple"

"North Philadlephia Does Not Belong to Temple"

Temple Free Press, March 31, 1969, page 3

Philadelphia Free Press Front Page

"Urban Renewal Means People Removal", detail of header

Philadelphia Free Press, Volume 5, No. 3, 1971

Temple's master plans and approach to its campus, though encouraged by the city and state, were at odds with the visions neighbors had for the area.  The Temple Free Press (later the Philadelphia Free Press) documented the conversation residents were trying to have with the institution.  For the Temple area this came to a head in 1968 with the now infamous "Charette."  Members of the Norris Homes community hired their own architect to propose an alternative vision of Temple's expansion and physical relationship with the community.  In the end a compromise was reached, but never executed due to a variety of reasons including the cuts in funding to the office of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

In recent years Temple has finally executed projects it wanted in the 1960s including the new Art complex and the parking garage at 11th and Montgomery.

Temple - Neighborhood Resisatance