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VCU - The Depot - Gallery - Today

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VCU - The Depot - Multidisciplinary Area - Today

A VCU News article by Leila Ugincius starts by exclaiming, "The newly removated Depot is a dazzling feat of adaptive reuse."  If Frank Jay Gould walked into the VCU Depot more then 100 years after the first trolley left the station, he would easily find his way around.  During renovations much of the original structure's building materials were salvaged and reused.  Gould woud find that everything in the foyer, hallway, and stairway is the same.  Most of the decorative metal panes in the first-floor ceiling were usable and add to the charm of the building.  The elevator shaft that held the freight elevator still exists.  In instances where the original wood flooring couldn't be used, it was turned into furniture, which is now being used in the reception area on the second floor.  A person peering out of the windows found in the back of the second floor would see the vacant area that still runs between the existing row houses.  This was the area where the viaduct originally stood, allowing the trolleys to travel up to the second story of the Depot.  What Gould would find different and amazing is the way the Depot has come back to life, with students moving around in the first floor art gallery, or upstairs in one of the entrepreneurial classrooms.  If Gould were to go back downstairs, he could enjoy a cup of coffee in "The Lab by Alchemy Coffee." (http://news.vcu.edu/article/Creative_platform​)

 The old repair shops of the Depot Annex now house a 8,000 square foot dance studio along with a 6,000 square foot research lab for the Department of Kinetic Imaging. (http://news.vcu.edu/article/Creative_platform​)

The Depot now provides a way for new travelers, those venturing on their way towards adventures in art.

VCU-The Depot Lives Again