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Before West Grace North - 1

The Grecas Restaurant - 840 West Grace

The Grecas Restaurant - 840 West Grace Street

Prior to VCU aquiring all of the property on West Grace Street between Laurel Street and Shafer Street, it was spotted with a multitude of privately owned small businesses that mainly revolved around food services. 


From the late 1960's through 1977 this spot at at the northern corner or West Grace Street and Shafer Street (what is now West Grace North) was the home of Chelf's Drug Store. From 1977 until 1983 it transitioned into a food service establishment as McCleans Restaurant before they moved to Broad Street. 


After 1983 it was purchased by another private owner and was known as The Grecas Restaurant through the late 1980's. 


What occupied the spot between 1990 and 2000 I wasn't able to determine but it was converted into a VCU parking lot prior to 2001. 


Photo Credit: http://theshockoeexaminer.blogspot.com/2014/08/more-images-of-800-and-900-blocks-of-w.html

Before West Grace North - 1