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Before West Grace North - 2

Moving west down the northern side of West Grace Street prior to the building of the Grace Street Residence Centers we have The Biograph Theatre located at 814 West Grace Street from 1972 through 1987. 

The Biograph Theatre was originally an art house theatre which would show award winning art house films to the public. It was the second attempt at an art house theatre on Grace Street after the failed attempt of the Lee Theatre which was located one block west on Grace Street. 

Like the Lee Theatre, as the art house scene inevitably failed, it turned it's showcasing to adults only first run films. It's biggest draw was Deep Throat which made the theatre more money than all of the art films it had shown prior, combined. 

The public pushed to have the theatre shut down due to its "shameful" nature and while the theatre was entrenched in the legal battle to stay open it pulled a prank on the city by showing a film that was similarly named to a recently opened adult film that opened with a disney short film. (See second photo). The theatre packed full of patrons expecting to see an adult film was unpleasently surprised to find the prank and most left during the film. 

Also near The Biograph Theatre at this time was the Richmond Headquarters of the Confedrate Angels motorcycle gang which was located as far as I can find at 806 West Grace Street. (Not Pictured)


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Biograph Facade Photo: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/179440366377910379/

Biograph Black and White: 



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Before West Grace North - 2