Urban Campus

Grace Street Residence Center South.

The Grace Street Residence Center South, to me, is designed with a more university sytle building type in mind as compared to the Grace Street North residence. Built with dark brick and tan concrete to add contrast it resembles other educational buildings on campus. 

Similar to the north residence center,  it has a single front entrance with only a single side of the building other than the front facing a street. The west wall of both buildings face Shafer Street. Both the front and western sides of the building have small trees lining the sidewalk to give the streetscape some perspective rather than just blank building fronts along the entire block. 

The rear of Grace Street South also backs up against a service alley, again keeping the rear of the building from possibly creating an eyesore to pedestrian and vehicle traffic that would otherwise pass by the building. 

Grace Street South, like north, has two rear courtyards on either end of the building. Also like north, even at mid-day the courtyards don't seem to receive much sunlight due to their small square footage being overshadowed by the 5 story walls on all sides. 


Photo credit: Lucas Ecker


Grace Street Residence Center South.