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Temple University Dormitory

comparative dorm

Johnson Hall from Architectural Record, 1962.

To the left is a photo of Johnson Hall at Temple University, Pennsylvania. This dormitory was built in the early 1960's and a good comparison to Rhoads Hall. Both are high rise buildings and located in an urban area with high traffic. This dormitory is 11 stories, with a 10-story high steel and dark glass sunscreen.  The color is beige aggregate. The building was designed to withstand high winds, and the sunscreen protects the lounges that occupy alternate floors. This building was designed by Nolen, Swinburne and Associates.

Architectural Record, 1962

former entrance to Rhoads Hall

Former entrance to Rhoads Hall, VCU

Tomlinson Theater, Temple University

Tomlinson Theater, Temple

Another link between Temple and VCu is this entrance detail.  Rhoads Hall, opened in 1968 has the same detail as Tomlinson Theater, also opened in 1968, designed by Nolen & Swinburne. More research is need to determine if this is a coincidence, or if there is more connection between Temple and VCU than Paul R. Anderson, who served an consultant to the Wayne commission.

Temple University Dormitory