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Grace Street and the Grace Street Residence Centers North and South


A short history of the 800 and 900 blocks of West Grace Street culminating with the building of the Virginia Commonwealth University West Grace Street Residence Centers. 

How the 800 and 900 blocks of West Grace Street transitioned during the span of 1970-2015, what was there before VCU and how VCU has changed the landscape of the area. 

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Rhoads Hall Dormitory at VCU


Rhoads Hall, dedicated in May of 1968 was a symbol of the new Virginia Commonwealth University. It was VCU's first "on purpose" dormitory, a high-rise that accomodates 700 students and contains 18 floors. Rhoads Hall is conveniently located by Monroe Park giving students close access to the Cabell library and the student commons.

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