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From Electric Trolley Cars to VCU Art Studios: "The Depot" is Transformed


In his article, Depot Delight, Edwin Slipek calls The Depot "a gem of a building…a triumphal Roman arch glistening in the daylight."  But this has not always been the case.  Once a lively station for electric trolley passengers to embark or disembark traveling on their journey between Richmond and Ashland, Virginia, this structure was left uninhabited, standing in disrepair for several years.   In 2013, the Virginia Commonwealth University started renovations that would transform this once neglected historical site into a building, alive again with student passengers making their way towards new destinations in the world of art.  Its renovated interior is now filled with art classes, dance / art studios, and art exhibit space.  The Depot is perfectly located as the connection between two other VCU art buildings: art studio building located at Broad and Shafer, and the Institute for Contemporary Art currently being built at the southwest corner of Broad and Belvidere.

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Rhoads Hall Dormitory at VCU


Rhoads Hall, dedicated in May of 1968 was a symbol of the new Virginia Commonwealth University. It was VCU's first "on purpose" dormitory, a high-rise that accomodates 700 students and contains 18 floors. Rhoads Hall is conveniently located by Monroe Park giving students close access to the Cabell library and the student commons.

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Theresa Pollak School of the Arts Building


The Pollak Building was completed in 1971, two years after the Richmond Professional Institute and the Medical College of Virginia merged to form Virginia Commonwealth University.  it was the first dedicated space for the arts program which was founded by Theresa Pollak in 1928.  

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